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Website 4 All

Website 4 All solutions are developed for small/medium businesses that want a few webpages in a website. For example, you can have:

  • Homepage /About us
  • Services
  • Contact us

Light website

If you do not want any search engine optimization (SEO) and design than you can get alight website for a low price. To be honest, this is something many people doon their own without the help of a web designer. All you need to do is google something like “how to setup my own website”. If you feel that you are not up for the task or have already tried and it didn’t work than you can go for our lowest-priced solution.

Standard website

If you want a website that looks nice and is optimized for search engines to be able to find your content easily then you need a standard website. A question that comes up often here is if we can make your website come up first in Google’s search results. We cannot guarantee anything like that for the simple reason that search engines rank results based on factors controlled mostly by you. For example, Google lists five key factors that help determine which results are returned for each query (see how Google ranking works). Since you will most likely write the content of your website, four out five factors are controlled by you. Web design agencies are supposed to focus on SEO, which is something different and more technical (see Google's SEO starter guide).

Managed website

If in addition to the services provided in the standard website package you need frequent updates (e.g., to post seasonal offers and specials) and you are afraid to do them yourself, then a managed website is the solution for you.

Do you have questions?

If you need more information about websites, check our Frequently Asked Questions.