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Want an eshop?

Online sales are rising rapidly and 58,4% of internet users buy something online every week (Datereportal). So, it makes total sense that every business wants to have a portal for its products/services. If you want to start selling online we can help you build a smart eshop that can become a revenue stream for your business.

Let's see how you start:

Start small

The first thing you need is pick a small list of products/services to sell. Every item you add to this list increases the time and money you spend. You can add more later, when your sales are higher.

Pick the right items

Just because you sell something online it does not mean that it is easy to sell it. Prefer products that are:

  • competitive in price and quality,
  • that are unique and harder to find.

Sort out the details

Your customers need to know in advance additional costs (such as delivery) and when they will have what they bought. Make realistic estimations and do not make promises you cannot keep.

“Sell“ it

People need to know what they are buying so for every product you must provide us with a compelling description and photos for which you own the copyright. You can theoretically hire someone to do this for you, but is it really that easy to find someone that knows your business and your products better than you?

Promote it

There was a time that eshops were as rare as unicorns and would become popular fast. Today you can’t rely solely on potential customers finding you in search engines. Think if you want to promote your eshop via your social media, advertising or by word-of-mouth.

Maintain it

There two things to have in mind regarding maintenance of an eshop:

  • Take care that your eshop should be up and running. This is the part that you usually outsource to the person or agency that made your website. Don't give up if you don't see results soon, it takes time.
  • Update it. Prices, photos, product descriptions or even the products themselves need to be changed. Think in advance how this will be done.

Do you have questions?

If you need more information about websites, check our Frequently Asked Questions.