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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Will my website be on the first page/rank in Google?

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The two most important factors on Google’s Search Algorithm is Content and Links (according to Google itself). You control the content by providing more quality content. If you have both quantity and quality this will improve your ranking in Google and as a consequence you will get other websites linking to yours. The same applies more or less to all search engines. We specifically refer to Google because more than 90% of searches are made in Google.

From our side we can provide search engines with the relevant metadata, advise you in keywords to use and words to avoid, advise you on how to build links and make sure that the website is “easily read” by search engines. We won’t do tricks to get you to the first page, because these will only have a short-term effect and you may get eventually punished by search engines.

If you want to know where your website is going to be in search engines, you should compare the content you intend to have on your website with other “competitors”. If your content is more appealing comparing to other competitors the more likely it is that you will come first. For example, websites that write more information about their business and their products and services get better results.

How do I know what kind of website I need?

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You can figure that out by talking to us or by searching out is out there. Try to keep in mind that:

  • the kind of website that is successful for someone else may not be successful for your business
  • the decisions you make about you want your website to be like affect its cost.

A few things for you to decide include:

  • How many pages will you have?
  • Will you be selling products or services online? If yes, how many different codes do you provide? Do they have specific features (e.g. colour)? How is the cost of these calculated (fixed or multivariable)? Is there a need to check availability?
  • Are there any special requirements e.g. multilingual, region-specific, different currencies?

Will my website be secure?

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There are two things you should know regarding website security:

Firstly, that a website that was considered secure a few months ago may not be considered secure now. As it is obviously important that a website is secure throughout its life cycle, maintaining it properly is equally important to the security of the website at the time of delivery from the web designer to the client.

Secondly, websites are designed to be as secure as it is needed for the specific use they were designed. This is because as we increase the security of a website so does its’ cost (initial + maintenance). However, not all websites require the same security. For example, a website that your clients can order and pay online needs to be much safer than a website that just lists basic information about your business.

How much will a new website cost you?

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A website may cost anything from 200 Euros to 20.000 Euros or even more for companies with more needs. First you decide what you need from a website and then request from us an offer. We do offer packages that cover generic website needs or tailored-solutions for industries but it is always best to talk to someone before you buy any of these packages.

Will I have to pay for the maintenance of the website?

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Yes. Apart from paying someone to make your website, you will have topay someone to maintain it. Costs here vary as well.

Will I have to dedicate time if I pay you to make my website?

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Yes. Sometimes web designers act as copywriters as well but we don’t. That is because we believe that there is great benefit if you write your own content. In some cases, we can recommend you how to go ahead or a copywriter.

What do I have to do for the webdesigner to be able to do his/her job correctly?

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Firstly, you will have to provide the content for the website. We can advise you on some things, but YOU know your business better than anyone else.

Secondly, in order to make a website that really works for you, you need to help us understand your business. You need to spend some deciding what you need and then work with us.

Do you work in-house or outsource your projects?

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We mostly work in-house but we may outsource parts of the projects thatneed specific knowledge that we don’t have.

Will I have a project manager or one central contact?

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Yes, you will have one central contact.

What training/support do you offer when the site is launched?

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Not all websites need training. If you have a website that is static and doesn’t need frequent updates you don’t need to be trained for it. When training is needed, it can be tailored to your needs.

We offer support for all websites that we make. If you have made your website somewhere else, we may still be able to support you but that depends on the specific circumstances.

Which content management system do you use?

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We prefer making websites with Webflow. Alternatively, Wordpress can be used.

Do you build custom sites or use templates?

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We build custom websites.

Are your web designs responsive?

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We always design keeping in mind that what we make will be viewed in a smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

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